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CrossFlow IN3000 Ionizing Air Blower

Part No: 487-226

Blue Arrow Excellent Static Eliminating Performance over a Large Coverage Area:

The CrossFLOW ionizing blower produces a powerful air flow, rich in positive and negative ions that quickly neutralize static charges. The CrossFLOW uses inherently balanced AC technology that provides a stable output with exceptionally fast decay performance. The CrossFLOW features built-in emitter point cleaners and a heater that can be turned on at any time for user comfort.


 blue orange arrow Rapidly Neutralizes Static Charges
 blue orange arrow Coverage Area: 3’x6’
 blue orange arrow Decay Time: 2secs @ 18”
 blue orange arrow Integrated Heater
 blue orange arrow Built-in Emitter Point Cleaner
 blue orange arrow Bench Stand For Angled Output

Blue Arrow Extended Range Protection:

The CrossFLOW ionizer has an effective range of 3’x6’ which can protect most work areas. It features an adjustable multi-speed blower to produce a uniform air flow for any application. Designed to protect most static sensitive devices, the Cross-FLOW uses AC Ionizing technology which makes the ionizer balanced and reliable with minimal maintenance. The ionizer self monitors and alarms if the high voltage output fails.

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Arrow Why AC Ionization?

In alternating-current ionizers, high voltage is applied to a number of closely spaced emitter points that cycle negative and positive at the line frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. The benefits of AC include less wear and tear on emitter points, excellent balance and economic value.

Direct current (DC) ionizers, on the other hand, apply a direct current to the tips. This type of ionizer does not require air flow but can be very difficult and expensive to balance. DC ionizers require more maintenance and cause more wear and tear to the emitter tip.

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